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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.

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Developer Blog - Crystal Lizards!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 07:50:33 PM

Hi unkindled,

A few of you noticed the game rules for a unique Dark Souls™ enemy hidden within the pages of the Print & Play for the Smelter Demon. We decided to take a little time today to fill you in on the development of the Crystal Lizards that can be found in the Iron Keep expansion. If you haven’t seen the Print & Play yet, make sure you take a look at the previews of some of our upcoming Dark Souls™: The Board Game content.  
Sooooo cute!
Sooooo cute!


At the start of the development process, the Crystal Lizards were a fairly standard enemy. They used the standard spawning rules, and players could not complete the encounter without dispatching these scuttling annoyances along with the other enemies in the encounter. There was one problem, though. Since Crystal Lizards pose no threat to the players, they were easily ignored and then picked off at the party’s leisure once the encounter was effectively over.  

Our next step in the process was to assess what sort of enemy-like quality we could add to the little buggers. Since chasing after Crystal Lizards for their precious upgrade materials could lure players into traps, falls, or other peril, we next tested out the Crystal Lizards with various abilities that would inflict damage or conditions on nearby characters. This version functioned adequately to make them a legitimate board game enemy, but it had a different problem. It simply didn’t feel as true to the source material. Crystal Lizards most defining characteristic isn’t some aura of damage – it’s running away!  

Crystal Lizard Data Card.
Crystal Lizard Data Card.

Once we identified that core essence of the Crystal Lizards, we gave them the ability you can see on their data card above. They act in the board game more similarly to how they act in the video game series, constantly moving away from characters until they are hunted down or are able to escape.  

The one final piece of the puzzle was taking them off of the spawn nodes so they wouldn’t use up a potential space for a more formidable enemy that could present some danger to the party. Since a Crystal Lizard is more akin to a running treasure chest than a typical enemy, we moved the Crystal Lizards’ starting position onto terrain nodes instead.  

Encounter Card.
Encounter Card.

The Iron Depths encounter is a great example of how Crystal Lizards can shake up an encounter. You could ignore them and focus on the Alonne Knights that pose the actual threat to your party, but you could also choose to brave traps and use valuable activations and stamina to try to take down the Crystal Lizards before the encounter ends.  

Those that do will be rewarded with a…  


Just like Titanite Shard cards, Titanite Scales are weapon upgrades that enhance a weapon’s damage output. Even a lowly Thrall Axe or Reinforced Club can dish out some real damage with a bit of Titanite backup. Then again, should you upgrade the weapons you have now or wait until you find something better? Hopefully, you’ll find some more Crystal Lizards around the next corner, and you won’t have to choose at all!

Since we’ve already covered all of the big game mechanics topics like Invaders, we’ll be taking a look at some of the more niche topics like Crystal Lizards. We also haven’t forgotten about mega bosses! We want to spread out the mega boss updates rather than doing them all at once, but there are certainly more mega boss updates to come.

• Which mega boss is your top priority?

• What other topics would you like to hear about?  

• What other questions do you have for the Dark Souls development team?  

Let us know! And as always…  

Praise the Sun! \[T]/

Invaders Update - Development Blog
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 12:59:12 AM

Welcome Back Unkindled,

In today’s update, we’ll be looking at red phantoms, the INVADERS from Dark Souls™ The Board Game. If you missed the summons update, we recommend that you check out the white phantoms first as the invaders share certain design elements with their less nefarious kin.

As with summons, we allowed the game mechanics of the Dark Souls™ series to drive the way we implemented invaders in the board game. We knew we wanted to tie these malicious spirits to the embers players gain from the treasure deck. While embers provide some degree of protection, they also attract powerful foes.

If the players choose to use invaders, each time a member of the party gains an ember, they will randomly place an invader token in one unexplored encounter and place safe tokens in the other unexplored encounters. As with summons, half of the invaders are used prior to defeating the mini boss, and the other have are used after, allowing invaders to pose a challenging-but-not-overwhelming threat in both the early game and the late game.

Examples of the Invader Tokens. From Left to Right. Top of all tokens, blank token face, Maldron token face.
Examples of the Invader Tokens. From Left to Right. Top of all tokens, blank token face, Maldron token face.

When the party enters an encounter, the players will flip the token to see if a red phantom has invaded. If so, the invader will be added to the existing encounter.

This certainly increases the challenge posed by the encounter, but it also gives the party an opportunity to claim the invader’s unique treasure card as well as three additional souls for vanquishing the invader.

Invaders function very similarly to bosses. They don’t have attack arcs or weak arcs, but they have behaviour decks, heat up points, and special abilities like the game’s bosses.

As with bosses, each invader poses its own unique threat. Some have high block and resist values or high starting health. Others deal more damage, have magical attacks, or inflict conditions. Players will have to watch an invader’s behaviours carefully just as they do with a boss. Once they know the sort of threat the invader poses, they can more effectively dispatch them.

Maldron's Behaviour Cards.
Maldron's Behaviour Cards.

One of the common themes during the design and development process for Dark Souls™ The Board Game was staying true to the game series. This principle definitely applied to our work on invaders. From their move sets to their treasure cards, we kept the focus on bringing these characters to life on the tabletop.

That also applies to the invaders’ special abilities, and if you haven’t already heard… Maldron is a jerk.

Maldron's Data Card.
Maldron's Data Card.

Yup, as soon as you start getting somewhere, Maldron will run away and heal. If you do finish off this devious invader, however, you’ll be rewarded with his Royal Swordsman Armour as well as the bonus souls we mentioned earlier.

• So which invader are you most eager to try to take down?
• Which ones do you think fall into the mini boss category versus the main boss category?
• What custom rules or campaigns are you interested in trying out with invaders?

Let us know in the comments, and…

Praise the Sun! \[Y]/

Wave 2 Delay
over 1 year ago – Mon, Oct 09, 2017 at 10:38:37 PM

Hi Unkindled

As you are all aware, we’ve been experiencing some very ‘interesting times’ of late.

What with colour corrections, moulding, translation problems, supply chain issues, misprints etc. we’ve had a lot of high priority work to focus on. 

Unfortunately this means our eye hasn’t been as focused on Wave 2 production as much as we would have liked. Progress has been ticking along but the amount of issues and delays have really built up and will now impact Wave 2 dates in terms of our original estimations. 

Our Chinese manufacturers are currently on holiday due to Golden Week, however we are urgently working with them determine an accurate and sensible timeline to share with you. 

At this stage we don’t want to 

  • A - Speculate 
  • B - Be overly optimistic in our projections

Instead we will pull together an accurate and realistic roadmap to properly manage everyone’s expectations. 

Once this roadmap is ready and we are satisifed with its accuracy we will post it in a future update to give all backers all the information we have along with a fulfillment date.

We are devastated to share this update with you. We can only offer our apologies for the delay and our promise that we are working long and hard behind the scenes to minimize the delay as much as we can, and to help prevent things like this happening again in the future.

Every cloud has some silver lining, in this case it is relating to the Armour Set. Due to these delays we will be able to modify the armour sets based upon the feedback from backers. All armour sets have been resculpted with legendary weapons and are currently in the approval process.

Print & Play

We have also produced several Print & Play assets while we work on the updated timelines for you to at least give you a taste of what is coming. These are hosted on our website HERE.

These files have been laid out to make it as easy as possible for you to print them off and give some of the expansion content a try. Simply save the files, and print them off!

We will continue with the weekly developer updates regarding the expansions, in the next one we'll be taking a look at Invaders.

Corrected Cards - IT/ES Timeline Update
over 1 year ago – Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 11:53:24 PM

Hi backers,

We have now had confirmation of a timeline from Ludofact of when we can expect the corrected card packs to arrive to backers:

  • Printing of the corrected cards: Done by October 23rd - small delay due to Golden Week in China (2nd-7th October)
  • Airfreight to Germany: 1 week - October 30th 
  • Customs and transport to Ludofact Germany: between 2 and 14 days - this part is impossible to predict - done between November 2nd and November 14th 
  • Packing of decks for shipment: One week for all - starts between November 3rd and November 15th 
  • New cards arrive in backer's hands: starting November 18th, depending on the mail service and the location of the backer (Rome and Madrid are probably quicker than Elba and Gomera) and should be done by early December.

Ludofact will keep us informed at every step incase any issues arise and we will, in turn pass on that information.

Once again, this has been a big blow to us here at Steamforged due to the amount of time and energy we have put into making sure these corrected translation copies are of the highest quality - although backers are understandably let down, we hope this will not spoil their enjoyment when the corrected cards do arrive.

[URGENT] Spanish/Italian Dark Souls - Cards
over 1 year ago – Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 01:37:52 AM

Hi backers,

It has come to our attention overnight that the cards within the Spanish/Italian Core Games that have started to arrive are incorrect.

Upon investigation, Ludofact (our manufacturing partner) have confirmed they printed the old, incorrect cards.

This news has been pretty devastating to us here at SFG. We have put a lot of hours into correcting the poor translations and invested over £50k to ensure these were fixed to the highest standard.

The rulebook, die cut sheets and box are - thankfully - all correctly re-printed.

We have uploaded the translations we submitted 4 months ago for re-print here that SHOULD of been in your new boxes:


Ludofact have issued a statement:

"Dear backers of Dark Souls,  

We have been able to track the problem with the Spanish and Italian cards to the source: The old file was accidentally reprinted in China instead of the corrected file. So every game a Spanish or Italian backer received or will receive has the cards with the first translation in it.  

This is what will be happening: 

This morning I have ordered the supplier in China to reprint the cards with the corrected files. When the card decks will be ready, we will get them to Germany by airfreight - that means Ludo Fact will get them through customs so they cannot be held back - and then we will send the two correct decks by mail directly to each individual Italian and Spanish backer. Ludo Fact will take care of that.  

Timing: First of all, we will not wait to ship it with Wave 2. It has nothing to do with that and would only complicate shipping of wave 2. 

The exact timing depends on the printer in China now. I expect that he will require a few weeks to print. After that it will take one week for airfreight to Germany. Then we can start sending everything out. Mail to Italy and Spain usually takes no more than a few days.  

I apologize for the mistake. 

We will correct it in the fastest way possible.  

Frank Jaeger Ludo Fact GmbH

We will be sending replacement cards directly from our manufacturer - once we are given an updated timetable from Frank we will let you know immediately.

We are currently in the process of phoning any retailers that are affected by this.