Dark Souls™ - The Board Game

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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Missing & Damaged Parts Update
almost 2 years ago – Tue, May 08, 2018 at 11:47:08 PM

There were even more packages before the end...
There were even more packages before the end...

Nobody likes waiting for replacement parts…but, thank you for your patience whilst the missing/damaged parts you requested have been travelling from the factory in China to our warehouse in Manchester, UK. They’re now in the hands of the postal service and on their way to you.

We’re thrilled to announce that all the missing/damaged part requests have now been sent to those who messaged our Support Team. These should begin arriving within the next few days/weeks depending on the shipping location.  

To ensure we completed this task as soon as possible we drafted in all our on-site staff to assist the warehouse team.  

Our warehouse team stayed late to ensure these were ready to ship the next day
Our warehouse team stayed late to ensure these were ready to ship the next day
Despite having finished developing the game, Alex also worked overtime to ensure that all missing parts were sent out...
Despite having finished developing the game, Alex also worked overtime to ensure that all missing parts were sent out...
Even our Community Manager, Giblin, pitched in by helping pack boxes
Even our Community Manager, Giblin, pitched in by helping pack boxes

Since the end of the Kickstarter Campaign we have vastly improved our Support Team’s capability to respond to, and resolve, support tickets in a timely manner. We are now completely up-to-date with support tickets and responding within 24hrs.  

With wave 2 shipping approaching quickly we recommend at looking at their guide for updating your address which was posted in our previous update.

If you do have any other issues that need resolving, please email support@steamforged.com and we’ll be more than happy to help!

The Four Kings Expansion - Production Sample
almost 2 years ago – Tue, May 01, 2018 at 10:43:49 PM

Let's take a look inside the box!!
Let's take a look inside the box!!

Hi Unkindled,  

Dark Souls™: The Board Game & ALL Expansions have completed their Development Cycle and are now locked. This includes the Retail Exclusive Mega Bosses - more on them in the future!! Today, however, we have a Production Sample to preview to you! If you’ve missed our previous previews you can check them out below:  

Wave 2 is on track for delivery in July 2018. Last week the Production Copies of Wave 2 Expansions arrived. We asked which Expansion you wanted to see first, and it was a close-run vote between The Four Kings Expansion and The Gaping Dragon. But, The Four Kings managed to just eek it out ahead…  

Now dwellers of the bleak and lonely Abyss, the Four Kings at one time were great leaders amongst men, the rules of New Londo. As that once-proud kingdom now lies in ruins, so too is spent the virtue of humanity of the Four Kings, who remain to watch over that flooded and cruel place alongside their Darkwraith knights…  

SPOILER ALERT: If you want the gameplay experience of The Four Kings Expansion to be entirely unexpected do not read the text, just look at the pretty pictures.
Obligatory Spoiler Alert out of the way…let’s have a look at what you get in the box. 

  • 1x Rules Insert  
  • 4x Four King Miniatures  
  • 4x Four King Health Dials  
  • 1x Four Kings Data Card  
  • 4x Four King Identifier Tokens  
  • 20x Four King Behaviour Cards  
  • 2x Four Kings Treasure Cards  
  • 4x Level 4 Encounter Cards  
  • 1x Mega Boss Game Board (Double Sided)
You've got a tough fight ahead of you here...
You've got a tough fight ahead of you here...

The Four Kings Mega Boss  

We don’t want to spoil too much of the fight but there are some new game elements introduced with The Four Kings Expansion. Most Mini/Main/Mega Boss battles pit you against a single powerful Boss, the Four Kings puts you and your friends against four bosses. But don’t fret, only one King begins on the board, when the behaviour deck is exhausted another King is summoned into play, and so on until all Four Kings are present (or dead). This fight is a sprint, not a marathon. If you dilly dally you’ll soon find yourself respawning at the bonfire.  

New Campaign ‘Bathed in Flame’ 

 The Four Kings Expansion comes with a new Campaign, Call of the Abyss, that draws on content from the Core Game, Darkroot Expansion and The Four Kings Expansion. Over Five Game Sessions you will venture from the Undead Parish, through the Royal Wood, before ending in The Abyss

Unboxing the Expansions! 

We’ll be unboxing The Four Kings and the Asylum Demon on SFG Live this Thursday (3rd May) via twitch.tv/Steamforged at 4PM BST with one of the Lead Developers, Alex Hall. If you can’t watch the livestream, then the video will be available to watch on the Steamforged Games YouTube Channel the following day.   

Production Copies Arrived & How to Update your Shipping Address!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 06:19:50 PM

Hi Unkindled,

A quick update from the Community Team! 

The Production Copies for Dark Souls™: The Board Game Expansions literally just arrived at HQ! The Project Team have taken them to be Quality Checked, but once they're done we'll get to work on photographing miniatures and writing updates for you.

Which would you like to know more about first?

  • Old Iron King 
  • Vordt 
  • The Four Kings 
  • Gaping Dragon 
  • Asylum Demon

Shipping Wave 2 still on target for July 2018!
Shipping Wave 3 still on target for September 2018!
See Timeline here: https://kck.st/2HMV4g0

How do I update my Shipping Address?

A common question in last update's comment section was 'how do I update my shipping address?' We spoke to the Support Team to find out how to do that and here is their handy-dandy guide to changing shipping address:

To change your shipping information, you will need to log into your pledge manager page via backerkit.  

STEP 1: Head to the link below and enter your email address. You will then receive an email from backerkit which will contain a link that will take you to the confirmation page.


Enter your email address & wait for the link from Backerkit
Enter your email address & wait for the link from Backerkit

STEP 2: On the confirmation page you will need to push the “view confirmation” button in the top right corner, this can be seen circled in the picture below.

Click 'View Confirmation'
Click 'View Confirmation'

STEP 3: 
You will now be on your pledge overview page. You can make the adjustment to your shipping address by pushing the “Edit Shipping Info” button.

Click 'Edit Shipping Info'
Click 'Edit Shipping Info'

STEP 4: Make sure to fill in all the relevant boxes and press the “next” button once you have updated your information.

Type in your NEW Shipping Address
Type in your NEW Shipping Address

STEP 5:  You may be prompted with a pop-up states it cannot validate your address if this is the case please double check the information which you entered and press the “Submit Address” button once complete.

Make sure your address is correct then hit 'Submit'
Make sure your address is correct then hit 'Submit'

We hope this helps you update your shipping address. Let us know if you need any assistance in the comments and we'll reach out to you.

Summons, Invaders & Upcoming Content
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 01:25:36 AM

Hi Unkindled,

SFG Community Team here with some more models freshly arrived from the factory in China. We are still on target with the timeline for shipping Wave 2 in July!


If you missed our previous updates you can view them here:


In our progress update in January we asked which colour you preferred for the Invaders/Summons expansions coming in Wave 3 - we can confirm that we went with colour ref 485c for the Invaders and colour ref 427C for the Summons. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that 485c was initially not on our colour palette, this red was chosen for its vividness and is easily distinguishable from the player characters colour, and the colours in the previous update were either too orange or too dark when made into plastic.

Praise the Sun!
Praise the Sun!

Armour Sets

We showed this image of the re-sculpted Armour Sets with weapons in November.

3D Renders of the Armour Sets
3D Renders of the Armour Sets

We have had their first casts come through to be checked for QA by our Project Team – by the time they reach you they will be in the same shade of brown as the Player Characters.

First casts of the Armour Set.
First casts of the Armour Set.

 Dark Root Basin/Iron Keep Tile Sets  

“The tile set is still going through final approvals but due to where they are printed this should at this time be hitting with the Wave 2 expansions. The main issue with the tiles was they weren't 'dark' enough, so we have worked in a more 'Dark Souls' feel to them to ensure consistency with the brand.” - Update 157, March 13

Since we submitted these files in March the tiles are still waiting on approval. We are working closely with Bandai-Namco to get these final assets approved and are closely monitoring how this will impact the Wave 2 Timeline to ensure no delays. Wave 2 is still on track for July at the time of writing this update.

More Production Proofs!  

We have been pestering our factory for a few weeks now for the production samples that were due… we have finally got notification that they are shipping us the following production proofs by the end of this week, these are due to arrive April 27th:  

  • Gaping Dragon Expansion  
  • Asylum Demon Expansion  
  • Vordt Expansion  
  • The Four Kings Expansion  
  • Old Iron King Expansion  

As soon as they land in Manchester, UK our Project team will begin our internal approval process to ensure we deliver a top-quality product. Which means we in the Community Team should have our hands on them by the first or second week of May and we’ll get straight to writing updates and creating video content for you.  

Praise the Sun \[T]/

Darkroot Expansion Playthrough now on Twitch!
about 2 years ago – Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 11:41:26 PM

Join Lead Developer, Alex Hall, and the Community Team on Twitch at 4PM BST as they play through the Darkroot Expanion and hopefully reach Sir Artorias, as chosen by the straw poll!

Click here to watch the stream: twitch.tv/steamforged
(Don't worry if you miss it, you'll be able to watch it on YouTube late)