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Dark Souls™ - The Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players.

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£2,500,000 - Stretch Goal & Add On Unlocked - Marvelous Chester & Old Iron King
over 3 years ago – Fri, May 13, 2016 at 03:45:42 PM

Hello Unkindled!This is incredible! You're still unlocking free Stretch Goals, and Add Ons, at a rate of one per day! Outstanding work. We're almost there on the Solaire of Astora Goals:

  • 500 more shares on Facebook
  • 30 more pictures of you praising the Sun to our Instagram

Enough talk...the unlocks. First up is Marvelous Chester:

 Exciting! Next up is Fencer Sharron at £2,600,000

There is only one more Invader left to go now..what could be after them I wonder...

With a Milestone as grand as £2,500,000 we are proud to reveal that the Add On will be Old Iron King:

To add Old Iron King to your Pledge simply increase the amount by £28.

Praise the Sun \[T]/

Female Characters, Terrain, Invaders & More!
over 3 years ago – Fri, May 13, 2016 at 03:45:34 PM

Hey Unkindled,

We have some more previews today of some of the currently unlocked Stretch Goals. Many backers have asked what the female models look like...so lets start by having a look at the Cleric:

The Cleric Class
The Cleric Class

During the design stages of creating this board game, we decided to create a mix of sex for the 10 character classes to allow players a nice variety in their gameplay sessions.

The Sorcerer Class
The Sorcerer Class

Here is the current list of which characters are male/female:

  • Knight (Its a suit of armour :))
  • Warrior (male)
  • Herald (male)
  • Assassin (female)
  • Cleric (female)
  • Pyromancer (female)
  • Sorcerer (male)
  • Deprived (male)
  • Mercenary (female)
  • Thief (male)

We have had a lot of requests for doing the 'alternative' versions of each of these models - it is something for sure we will look at as an expansion back at retail - so keep an eye out in 12 months when this game hits the stores.

As we continue to reveal more elements of the game today we can have a look at the terrain and invaders interactions within the world.

Gravestones will give insights into the future...
Gravestones will give insights into the future...

During the Exploration Video we showed an overview of one of our Encounter Cards. When an Encounter Card is flipped for a tile it will give an insight into what will be placed onto it. This can include items such as Treasure Chests, Gravestones, Barrels and Traps.

Treasure or Mimic? IDUNNO!
Treasure or Mimic? IDUNNO!

The tiles will feature several different coloured 'nodes' that will indicate where enemies, terrain and 'effects' are placed. For example, the Encounter Card may reveal you are adventuring through a boggy swamp and any 'x' coloured nodes cost 2 stamina to move through.

The same is applied for terrain. For example, if a Treasure Chest is present during this encounter, you would place it on the 'Terrain Node' indicated on the tile. Tiles may have multiple types of nodes and the full game will explain placement of all items and the rules for if an encounter does not reveal any terrain, etc. to be placed (in most instances those nodes revert back to standard nodes at that stage).

Lets have a more detailed look at the terrain types we currently have within the game:

Treasure Chests

These are pretty straight forward - you can spend one stamina to open the treasure chest and gain a draw from the treasure deck. Be careful though, it may be a mimic...


Just like the video game, barrels don't offer anything in terms of treasure in most cases, however their main purpose is to use up stamina and block paths. When occupying a node you cannot move into that node without breaking the barrel which costs a stamina...yep - they are as annoying as the video game.


By using a stamina, you can access a gravestone to reveal one of the Boss AI Deck cards allowing you to learn their potential move-set as you progress towards eventually meeting them. They also act as terrain blocks and can be destroyed in a similar way to barrels.


An Encounter Card may reveal that a trap is present on the tile. The Trap Deck has a selection of iconic death dealing encounters that must be played out. Some are simple damage effects - remember getting hit in the face with a boulder down some stairs? Others may effect specific nodes on the board and create a 'which one is it' scenario with flip tokens...

Terrain brings a lot of variety to your encounters and helps create a deeper gameplay experience as you travel through the world.

What about Invaders? 

Kirk Appears...Thorny Pain Incoming...
Kirk Appears...Thorny Pain Incoming...

We are close to completing the Character Invader Expansion Stretch Goals so we can talk today about how these Invaders appear within the world.

Very much like the video game, your actions as a player will result in your world becoming 'open' to Invaders. The three main trigger items for creating this state are by using Humanity, Ember or a Human Effigy. Although these items will give you benefits within the game (just like the video game) they also mean an Invader is likely to appear within the world.

After gathering/purchasing one of these items and using it - you take an Invader Encounter Card and shuffle it into the Encounter deck you are currently playing against (be it mini, main or mega). 

The Invader Encounter Card will be drawn randomly from your available Invaders - this can be all the Invaders you currently own or a selection you decide before the game you would like to potentially face (or not!) during that play through. 

"Do we REALLY have to fight Maldron again guys? I can't face getting destroyed AGAIN!"
"Do we REALLY have to fight Maldron again guys? I can't face getting destroyed AGAIN!"

Once the Invader is flipped via the Encounter Deck, you flip again an Encounter for that tile. This COULD mean if you have been using quite a bit of Ember (or equivalent) that multiple Invaders appear on the same tile...you continue flipping until a normal Encounter is revealed and set that out as normal. So in most cases, when an Invader does appear it will be alongside a group of grunts, etc.

Once they have appeared in the world, they will have their own Invader AI deck and function exactly like what you have seen in our Boss Encounter video. If you are lucky enough to defeat the Invader you will gain specific equipment/armour/items relating to that model as a reward - if you fail, you die and the invader simply runs off with a gloating smile... 

The Invader cards are not persistent on the tilesets like the normal Encounter Cards - they are simply a one shot chance to meet and defeat these particular models.

Hopefully this update gives a good overall picture of how these unique models will interact with the game... I wonder what the next lot of stretch goals are?

Praise the Sun \[T]/

£2,600,000 - Stretch Goal Complete - Fencer Sharron
over 3 years ago – Fri, May 13, 2016 at 03:45:32 PM

 Hello Unkindled!

It's update time, and you have finished off the Invader Expansion by unlocking Fencer Sharron. That's another FREE expansion completed for your Souls Pledge. Don't forget that you can Add On Boss Expansions, Darkroot Basin Expansion or 9 Additional Double-Sided Tiles.

 Next up we have an exciting set of new shinys for you all! Summoned NPCs *mic drop*

Solaire Social Goal Update:

  • 10 more photos needed
  • 159 more shares 

This morning's AMA: http://steamforged.com/dark-souls-faq-5